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Tired of going through hours of crap courses that never really taught you anything?

Your time on this planet is precious, so use it wisely to learn effectively exactly what you need to in-order to take the next step in your life and business. Is that next step to sell? To market? To convert more people? To learn to calm the heck down and figure life out? ...

Dear fellow business owners, entrepreneur and life-long learner,

Like you I too have gone through countless hours, programs, courses, books, materials, membership sites and all both in person and online and yet I was always stuck on "something". That something always held me back, kept me from achieving my dream (which by the way wasn't owning million dollar homes nor driving Ferrari's all day), and overall kept me in a rather life-long depressive state. I'll tell you the secret right now so you can skip millions of dollars worth of bullshit expensive courses: start taking small steps that move you towards your goal.

‚ÄčThere is no mystical magical formula for most of life. But simply taking action so you can start seeing results will vastly improve your life and business. Though it really doesn't help that the $1,997 course you just bought it 98% shit, the $10,500 seminar you went to was just a giant sales pitch and that it seems no one is out there to help you and everyone just wants your money!

So that's why I'm creating RootKademy.

A simple place to learn and grow and help others in doing so. I'll be taking the best courses, digesting them for you and giving you concise, to the point, actionable teaching, advice and materials that you can start getting results from TODAY. Not tomorrow, but today. No bullshit full pieces that take 10 hours just to get through an introduction (except this one), no #FakeNews, and only real, true and proven things that work and specifically how to do them.

We'll be covering anything and everything related to life and business as it pertains to making recurring money, selling, inner peace (which is essential for running a good business and staying sane in life) and how to put it all together online and offline. To help you succeed, each course is NOT just a buy-and-try fling. There is barely any data-hoarding you can do here and the focus is on the interactive steps, online meetings (webinars and chats), master mind groups and more. More action, less data hoarding fake excuses.

If you're like me and need a real place to meet with real people (mostly anonymously) to learn from real world experience, chose one of the paths below to get started or simply start exploring and see what fits your fancy.

Most of all, take action and you will see results. I guarantee it.